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Max Effort Fitness is a small personal training facility that represents the best possible value for money. We offer personal training and group fitness classes. Our staff is dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable and friendly atmosphere for you to accomplish your goals and fit your lifestyle.

Brad Lomas
Founder & CEO/Head Coach/Massage Therapist

Brad knows how important it is for you to be able to keep moving at your very best, helping his clients improve their health and well-being by reducing pain and alleviating injury to joints and muscles. As a movement specialist and massage therapist, Brad personalises his sessions depending on the client's need. Working alongside the client's doctor or specialist, he will help you work towards returning to an active lifestyle – from playing with your kids and pets to training for a sporting event or competitive sport.

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Face To Face Coaching
¨Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you.¨ – John Wooden

Where can you get personal training, strength and rehab training in one place? Max Effort Fitness!

A pioneer in the fitness industry of Geelong, Australia.


We offer small private group training as well as personal coaching. Our staff are highly specialized in their respective fields and passionate about helping everyone meet their goals.

We have a goal-driven mentality which focuses on improving your quality of life by making sure that you are getting the best experience possible for your fitness journey.


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Goal Customization

Keep yourself motivated with a program that’s tailored to your needs, every step of the way

Enhanced Nutrition

Fuel your body and mind the right way and achieve results that no one else thought possible

Injury Prevention

Cover everything from warm-ups and cool downs to feedback on movements and lifts.

Progress tracking

Never lose sight of how far you’ve come thanks to smart progress tracking that logs everything you need

Health & Wellness Insights

Track your body fat, muscle growth and so much more as you can continue to improve

Barbell with Weights

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